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Tyson's Music

Tyson Guitar a Tyson's band is called Flood Plain:

Tyson = rhythm guitar / vocals
Paul = lead guitar / vocals
Matt = drums

We usually play at small venues like coffee shops and wineries.


Tyson's Recordings:

To the right are several songs that I have recorded over the years (dating as far back as 1997). Some of them are originals, but most are covers.

In 2006, I started a CD project that was going to help offset the cost of our adoption. The CD was going to be accompanied by a concert at my church. Unfortunately, I never got around to finishing the project, but the 3 songs that are finished are on this site.


Click on a song to listen
(newest recordings at the top)

If We are the Body
I Wanna Sing
I'll always be right there
It takes a Village
A Place Called Hope
I Do
The Sun through the Storm